Introduction and discovery of the vacuum technique


At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

  • Approach the practice, science and technique of vacuum cooking.
  • Make recipes from vacuum cooked ingredients with different cooking methods and hygiene rules (« salted » and « sweet » products).
  • Master the vaccum cooking from the organization of the production to the storage (preservation), by ensuring sanitary control and product traceability.


  • Theory and technological understanding of vacuum cooking: history, regulation and sanitary control (different families of bacteria), equipment (setting, usage, different cooking methods), preservation, organization of production, traceability and storage.
  • Practical application of the different cooking methods (maceration, cooking, hot or cold smoking, etc.) possible on a varied set of « salted » and « sweet » products: meat, vegetables, fruits, coulis, creams, ganaches, etc.
  • Analysis and tasting: structure of cooked food, reactions to temperatures, different aspects of food after cooking.

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Individual and collective support.
  • Demonstration of use by trainers and application by trainees.
  • Documents and theoretical supports: technical and recipe booklet.
  • Provision of specific equipment.
  • Tasting, debate and analysis of the productions.