Ice technology


At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

  • To know the techniques of manufacturing the bases and to elaborate mixes of sorbets and ice creams while respecting the rules of safety and hygiene.
  • Respect the chronology of the manufacturing phases, the technological characteristics of the raw materials to develop balanced products.
  • Know and select raw materials, rationalize the use of products.


  • Ice and raw material technology: analytical table, knowledge of products and equipment, regulations, hygiene, etc.
  • Learning of the basic techniques for making different sorbets and ice creams
  • Realization of different mixes of ice creams and sorbets.

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Individual and collective support
  • The trainee carries out all the recipes accompanied by the trainer
  • Documents and theoretical supports: technological study booklet and recipe booklet
  • Tasting, production analysis and end of training assessment